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A curated guide to Shanghai's best deals and promotions - giving you strictly the facts.
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  • Shanghai Insiders Jeep Tour

    Shanghai Insiders offers a range of tailor-made tours in one of their convertible Beijing Jeeps through the most diverse and stimulating neighborhoods in the city. Travel back in time and hear stories about the Art Deco buildings in the...
  • Summer Discount All-Day Artificial Beach Entry

    Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental in Songjiang are offering a summer deal for all-day entry to their luxurious 4,400 square-meter outdoor pool and artificial beach. Who needs to travel all the way to Hainan Island when you can just hop...
  • 幸运28投注Tantou Island

    Tantou island is the origin of Chinese fishing culture. It's 8 kms away from the harbor and its size is of 11 km2. There are 11 hills on the island and even an abandoned village. The most famous beach is called Sisters beach which...
  • Field Trip: Organic Grape Vineyard and Lotus Park

    Explore rural areas of Shanghai without going too far. Pick grapes in a Jiading vineyard and visit the town where xiaolongbao were born. 250rmb.
  • Anji River Trekking and Swimming

    King Dragon mountain in Anji is famous as the source of the Huangpu River, and is worth a trip for its dramatic scenery, places to swim and the 800-hectare primeval forest there containing numerous flora and fauna under national...
  • Yoga and Meditation Temple Retreat

    A weekend of detox, yoga, relaxation, and purification in a temple in Shaoxing. 1,199rmb.
    • Health & Wellbeing, Travel | Wanna Travel | on Fri Sep 13 2019
  • Rainbow Mountains

    Colorful rainbow mountains in Gansu province. They are considered a geological wonder of the world and were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore hanging temples and terrific buddha grottos built in 4-5th century. See Giant buddha...
  • Zhangjiajie

    Escape to Avatar mountains, take the longest cable car in the world, walk on the longest glass bridge, and check it all off in a weekend. 2,700rmb.
  • Yellow Mountains + Hot Springs

    See the best scenic spots of the Yellow mountains in one weekend and relax in the famous Huangshan hot springs after a day of hiking. 1,299rmb per person.
  • 幸运28投注Happy Horse

    Horse riders, animal lovers and for those looking for a day out on Changxing Island- This group organises an event for the horses welfare as part of the development of the equestrian sector in China. Conferences, demos and workshops held...
  • Mindfulness & Yoga Getaway

    Escape to the mountains of Anji for a 3-day getaway with yoga and mindfulness. All inclusive package for 2,500rmb per person.
  • Inner Mongolia: Wild Nature and Nomadic Experience

    Escape the city to Inner Mongolia for October, doing all the stuff nomads and herders do. 3,999rmb.
  • Balancing & Restoring Yoga Retreat

    Spend part of the October holiday doing yoga and being mindful in the Anji mountains. All inclusive package starting from 2,500rmb per person.
  • Mindfulness & Yoga Family Retreat

    Escape for a family weekend to Chongming Island doing yoga and being mindful. Two parents and two children, 7,400rmb. One parent and two children, or two parents and one child, 5,850rmb. One parent and one child, 4,300rmb.
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