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    The Beef: The Reuben! It’s fantastic. This place does the smoked meats, and they do it well. Granted, competition for the Canadian sandwich category in Shanghai isn’t the most intense and tbh, my go-to sandwich is a gooey grilled cheese anyday. But if I were to crave a deli sandwich, this is the spot. Offerings also include smoked beef, duck, and chicken. And incidentally, a grilled cheese.

    Sandwiches come in two sizes, meaty or overload. Huge fan of the fact that they also let you choose your cholesterol levels – lean, medium, or fatty cuts. Bring on the melt-in-your-mouth lardiness! Nestled among slices of nicely dense grainy bread. Sandwiches come with a handful of thin-cut fries, a sauce-saucer serving of slaw, and an emaciated sliver of pickle.  

    The claim to Canadian fame dish, poutine was anticlimactic. The fries maybe weren’t great to begin with, slightly stingy on the gravy, and the desiccated Reuben crumbs didn’t add much to the dish– maybe stick with bacon bits for this.

    Service was friendly, and food was served quickly. Cocktails took a bit more time though to the point where we thought they had forgotten the Bloody Mary. Indoor seating and half indoor/outdoor seating both available.

    The Gang: Small groups of locals and laowai.

    The Motive: Casual hangout to grab a quick bite. Friendly tip: walk through the Fengshengli side and into the opposite alley for some wallet-friendly outdoor drinking at the pop-up bars.

    The Damage: 80/100rmb for a Reuben; 68rmb smoked meat poutine. 

    The Down n’ Dirty: Inside the mall and up a level on the 2nd floor.

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