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    • Mr.X (Huangpu)

      • Address
        Bldg 1, 550 Jumen Lu, near Quxi Lu
        局门路550号1号楼, 近瞿溪路
      • Phone
        3304 1233

      Mr.X (same name, same concept as the one near Zhongshan Park, but in no way related) is an escape room/room escape center. It works like this: You and a group of friends are locked in a room together -- no smartphones, no cameras -- and your task is to get out. How?... Read more

    • UME International Cineplex

      • Address
        Xintiandi, South Block, 5/F, 123 Xingye Lu, near Madang Lu
        兴业路123号5楼, 近马当路
      • Phone
        6373 3333

      This cinema in a Xintiandi mall is where stars often come to walk the red carpet for Hollywood premieres. George Clooney was here in 2015. They show English and Chinese movies in big rooms with jewel toned velvet decor. Tickets are 100rmb or 110rmb for 3D. On... Read more幸运28投注

    • Decathlon Sports Store (Changning)

      • Address
        88 Xianxia Xi Lu, near Jianhe Lu
        仙霞西路88号, 近剑河路
      • Phone
        6238 5511

      Read more

    • Dino Beach

      • Address
        78 Xinzhen Lu, near Gudai Lu
        新镇路78号, 近顾戴路
      • Phone
        6478 3333

      As Shanghai's only water park, Dino Beach has the distinction of being one of city's top summer destinations. The park boasts a huge wave pool (apparently Asia's largest), numerous water slides, kiddie pools, concession stands serving Western fast food fare, and a... Read more

    • Shanghai Stellar Cinema City

      • Address
        Super Brand Mall, 8/F, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, near Lujiazui Huan Lu
        陆家嘴西路168号8楼, 近陆家嘴环路
      • Phone
        5047 8026

      Huge, 2000-capacity mildly Egyptian-themed cinema in Super Brand Mall. They've got IMAX and VIP. Tickets are like 90-160rmb without an app and 30-50% less with, depending on the film. It's just ok. Nothing special. There is an ice cream shop right by the traditional... Read more

    • Mandarin City Pool

      • Address
        Mandarin City Rear of Club House, 1129 Guyang Lu, near Shuicheng Nan Lu
        名都城 古羊路1129号, 近水城南路
      • Phone
        138 1843 4391

      Long-time favorite out in Hongqiao right here. On the weekends it's usually packed with a rowdy, often boozed up laowai crowd drinking beers and listening to EDM on cheap speakers. During the week, it's a haven for hungover DJs and underemployed English tutors.... Read more

    • 幸运28投注

      Peace Cinema

      • Address
        290 Xizang Zhong Lu, near Hankou Lu
        西藏中路290号, 近汉口路
      • Phone
        6361 2898

      Awkwardly designed but popular cinema, with a total of 1069 seats in six rooms. Very crowded, but they've got IMAX and Dolby and it's in People's Square so that's to be expected. There is also a Hershey's store right next to the ticket booth. The rest of Raffle's... Read more

    • Cathay Theatre

      • Address
        870 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Maoming Lu
        淮海中路870号, 近茂名路
      • Phone
        5404 0415

      Old-school cinema built back in 1930 right on Huaihai Lu, then renovated in 2003. Screens are 3D and 4K. Nice staff, some English speakers. Ticket prices depend on time of day: morning 30/40rmb, afternoon 70/80rmb, evening 80/90rmb. These are readily available at... Read more

    • Grand Cinema (Da Guangming)

      • Address
        216 Nanjing Xi Lu near Xizang Lu
        南京西路216号, 近西藏路
      • Phone
        6327 4260

      Huge, super old-school stand alone gem with lots of marble flooring and a grand staircase, built in 1928 by Hungarian architect Laszlo Hudec who designed a ton of famous buildings in Shanghai (including Wukang Mansion). Tons of history here -- all the newest... Read more

    • Ambassy Club

      • Address
        1500 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu
        淮海中路1500号, 近乌鲁木齐路
      • Phone
        6437 9800

      They say it's "only for members", but you're allowed to show up and "try it" for 150rmb during the week. That's meant to be a one-time deal, but who's going to know? On weekends it's members only. Membership gets you a year in the gym and use of the indoor and... Read more

    • SFC Yonghua Cinema City

      • Address
        Grand Gateway, 6/F, 1 Hongqiao Lu, near Huashan Lu
        虹桥路1号6楼, 近华山路
      • Phone
        6407 6622

      This SFC cinema in the Grand Gateway mall offers a mixed experience. On the one hand, they're the only cinema in Shanghai with IMAX 3D, 4K and 4D. Seating is stadium style and the sound is good. Then there is a VIP theater with only 32 reclining leather seats.... Read more

    • SFC (Metro City)

      • Address
        5F, 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu
        肇家浜路1111号5楼, 近天钥桥路
      • Phone
        6426 8181

      Xujiahui cinema with four theaters, the largest of which has 268 seats. All have stadium seating, massive screens and good surround sound. The seats are somewhat small, so a broad shouldered person might be uncomfortable. Tickets are 100rmb for 2D, 120rmb for 3D, or... Read more

    • 幸运28投注Orden Bowling Centre

      • Address
        10 Hengshan Lu, near Gao'an Lu
        衡山路10号 近高安路
      • Phone
        6474 6666

      Read more

    • Oriental Pearl TV Tower

      • Address
        1 Century Avenue, near Lujiazui Huan Lu
        世纪大道1号, 近陆家嘴环路
      • Phone
        5879 1888

      Though now overshadowed by the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center, this symbol of Shanghai's renaissance still dazzles tourists day and night. Visitors can check out the Shanghai History Museum in the basement or join the (more than likely) massive... Read more

    • Shanghai Zoo

      • Address
        2381 Hongqiao Lu, near Yingbin Yi Lu
        虹桥路2381号 上海动物园, 近迎宾一路
      • Phone
        6268 7775

      Read more

    • Specialized Bikes (Jianguo Lu)

      • Address
        221 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Jiashan Lu
        建国西路221号, 近嘉善路
      • Phone
        6431 9313

      This store rolled its goods all the way from California to Jianguo Xi Lu banking on the biker enthusiasts in China. Contained within is every conceivable bikery gadget and gismo you could imagine not to mention mountain bikes, kids' bikes,... Read more幸运28投注

    • Shanghai Indoor Stadium

      • Address
        666 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Lingling Lu
        天钥桥路666号, 近零陵路
      • Phone
        6426 6666

      Read more

    • Hongkou Soccer Stadium

      • Address
        444 Dong Jiangwan Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu
        东江湾路444号, 近四川北路
      • Phone
        5696 7633

      Read more

    • Shanghai Swimming Pool

      • Address
        1300 Zhongshan Nan Er Lu, Tianyaoqiao Lu
        上海游泳馆, 中山南二路1300号, 近天钥桥路
      • Phone
        6438 2372

      Read more

    • Shanghai Wild Animal Park

      • Address
        178 Nan Liu Gong Lu, near Xiayan Gong Lu
        南六公路178号, 近下盐公路
      • Phone
        6118 0000

      Tourists wanting to get outside the city can make the 22 mile trip to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Southwest of the Airport off the S32 Highway. The park features over 200 species and two different options for viewing them. Visitors can walk through the exhibits... Read more

    • Century Park

      • Address
        809 Huamu Lu, near Haitong Lu
        花木路809号, 近海桐路
      • Phone
        3876 0588

      If you want to visit a big park without traveling one or two hours, Century Park is the one. Fine landscaping, beautiful flowers, a massive lake, and tons of green spaces to lie down on, play frisbee, or whatever. You can also rent tandem bicycles or sightseeing... Read more

    • Shanghai Botanical Gardens

      • Address
        947 Longwu Lu, near Baise Lu
        龙吴路947号, 近百色路
      • Phone
        6451 3369

      The Shanghai Botanical Gardens cover over 200 acres (81 hectares) and are home to a variety of flora and fauna including a collection of spectacular orchids. Tickets are 15rmb unless you're interested in the Bonsai Garden in which case you'll have to pay extra. Read more

    • Science & Tech Museum IMAX 3D Cinema

      • Address
        2000 Century Avenue, near Jinxiu Lu
        世纪大道2000号, 近锦绣路
      • Phone
        6862 2000

      Showing educational films and documentaries, the cinema is inside the Science and Technology Museum. Tickets run from 20-40rmb. Read more

    • Shanghai Studio City Cinema

      • Address
        10/F, 1038 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Nanhui Lu
        南京西路1038号10楼, 近南汇路
      • Phone
        6218 2173

      A little hard to find, this cinema is two floors above the US Consulate's US Citizen Services office in WestGate Mall. In a stroke of genius, the ticket booth and concession stand share space with a Costa Coffee. Tickets are reasonable during the afternoon hours when... Read more幸运28投注

    • 幸运28投注Jinjiang Action Park

      • Address
        201 Hongmei Lu, near Meilong Lu
        虹梅路201号锦江乐园, 近梅陇路
      • Phone
        5421 6858

      The largest amusement park near to downtown Shanghai, this place boasts four roller coasters, two of which are big, loop-the-loop affairs, plus a bunch of water rides, a ghost train, and a huge ferris wheel. In the week it's pretty quiet except for some young couples. Read more

    • Jazz du Funk

      • Address
        5/F, Lane 113 Changshu Lu, near Changle Lu
        常熟路113弄5楼, 靠近长乐路
      • Phone
        5403 9387

      Dance classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced, children to adults, in styles ranging from Ballet to Hip-Hop, Street Jazz to Contemporary, Tap, Chinese Classical Dance and more. Read more

    • Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center

      • Address
        3028 Kunyang Bei Lu, near Yuanjiang Lu
        上海旗忠森林体育城网球中心 昆阳北路3028号, 近元江路
      • Phone

      This 15,000 seat tennis stadium was built in 2003 for the ATP World Tennis Finals. The arena's dome roof can be opened and closed to accommodate weather conditions. Recently it has hosted the 2015 Shanghai Masters. Read more幸运28投注

    • X Club

      • Address
        B1/F, 366 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu
        肇嘉浜路366号B1楼, 近襄阳南路
      • Phone
        3356 1255

      Don't let the facade fool you, X Club is a family-friendly lazer tag place near the Jiashan Lu metro station. The vibe is a mix of cyberpunk and college dorm room, with Robocop and Blade Runner posters on the wall and a dayglo lazer tag maze. They've also got a full... Read more幸运28投注

    • Cloud Nine Cinema

      • Address
        Cloud Nine, 9/F, 1018 Changning Lu, near Kaixuan Lu
        长宁路1018号9楼, 近凯旋路
      • Phone
        5237 8275

      The cinema itself if hard to find, hidden behind a top floor anything&everything market. Six small screening rooms. Relatively small screens with ok sound. Whole place is dated and has a bit of a smell from the restaurants one floor down. 3D tickets are 100rmb.... Read more

    • Happy Valley

      • Address
        888 Linhu Lu near Linyin Da Dao,
        林湖路888号, 近林荫大道
      • Phone
        3355 2222

      Surprisingly well run and managed theme park about an hour out of downtown Shanghai. It's huge and features four large roller coasters. On the weekends in the summer, expect long lines for the best rides, but there's plenty to see and do, even if you don't want to... Read more幸运28投注

    • Yoga For Life

      Stay fit, balanced, and build awareness with yoga every Tuesday at Agora Space. Spots are limited, scan QR code to register. 50rmb for first timers, 100rmb after that.
      • Sports & Recreation | Agora Space | Tuesdays until Jun 25 2019
    • Summer Yoga Challenge

      720rmb for an eight class package during the Summer Yoga Challenge at Sugarmat.
      • Sports & Recreation | Sugarmat | Daily except Mon, Wed & Fri until Jul 7 2019
    • SCIS Kids Summer Camp 2019

      Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) is offering specialized summer camp programs consisting of developmentally appropriate activities. Their summer camp programs are non-academic, thematic programs, including games, sports,...
      • Community, Sports & Recreation | SCIS Pudong | Daily until Jul 12 2019
    • Active Kidz Summer Camp 2019

      Sports camps by Active Kidz Shanghai, running 5-day sessions from June 17 to July 26, from 9am-4pm, for kids ages 6-15, there's soccer, baseball, trampoline and basketball. Full day camp (9am-4pm) is 2,500rmb per week, half-day...
    • CETA Elite Tennis Academy Summer Camp

      CETA Elite Tennis Academy will be running tennis summer camps in 3 fantastic venues to offer the best indoor facilities for your children to enjoy themselves and be protected from the extreme sun in Shanghai during summer time. Price...
    • WWE Live

      WWE brings violence, mayhem, and outrageous clothing to the Mercedes Benz Arena for the fourth year running! The likes of Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Finn Bálor, Xavier Woods, The IIconics, Shinsuke...
      • Arts, Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | MB Arena | on Sat Sep 21 2019
    • 108 Sun Salutations

      International yoga day class designed for all levels. Bring your own mat. 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Rye & Co | Today
    • FUNKA's Yoga Brunch

      Start at 11am with 1 hour of Vinyasa Yoga, also called « Flow Yoga » because of its dance-like moves. Chloe, Co-Founder and Head Techer of Panther, will bring you back to the now and teach you how to move, breath and relax. Straight...
    • Kick Ass Brunch

      Thai boxing with OZ bodyfit & power up at Moka Bros. Pets are welcomed. 150rmb.
    • 幸运28投注A Healthy Journey

      Detox yoga flow and tea tasting. A workshop designed for all levels, presenting the health benefits of tea and yoga. 180rmb and 20% off brunch.
      • Dining, Sports & Recreation | Vita | Today
    • 'The Connection' Film Screening + Yoga with Raj

      A film screening ('The Connection'), discussions with practitioners, and a special yoga session. 50rmb film screening and yoga, 90rmb.
    • Overhand Class

      The gym can be boring or hard to get to. Overhand enables active lifestyle via social, entertaining fitness experiences right in your office. Our system tracks your movements in real time to power this engaging, gamified social workout....
      • Sports & Recreation | Agora Space | Thursdays until Jun 27 2019
    • Community Outdoor Yoga

      Community Outdoor Yoga, 10-11a.m. Designed for all levels. Bring your own mat. Address: Yong Ping Lane central courtyard, 199 Hengshan Lu. Entry is 88rmb.
    • Dancelife Shanghai

      Dancelife is a monthly, un-choreographed, one hour community dance session set to a playlist. 50rmb. Register here:
    • WISS Sports Summer Camps

      WISS is doing two camps this summer. Stoke City FC Academy is providing premier football training to students in Shanghai. The program's for 5-16 years old, with games and a structured competition. It's 500rmb/day or 2,250rmb for the...
      • Community, Sports & Recreation | WISS | from Jul 1 until Jul 6 2019
    • Outdoor Yoga

      Outdoor yoga in semi-private patio, at the central courtyard of Yong Ping Lane. Businesses there then offer discounts. 88rmb.
    • SCIS Kids Summer Camp 2019

      Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) is offering specialized summer camp programs consisting of developmentally appropriate activities. Their summer camp programs are non-academic, thematic programs, including games, sports,...
    • 2019 Cricket World Cup Fiesta

      Hit Wicket Indian Restaurant is doing all 45 days of the cricket world cup, showing 48 games. 5pm onwards it's cricket, Indian food, 25rmb beers, dinner deals, Bollywood music, etc. No cover.
      • Dining, Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Hit Wicket | Daily until Jul 14 2019
    • Aikido & Chinese Elementary School Bridging Course (EC)

      This summer course retains the Chinese Elementary School Bridging Course which was highly regarded by parents last year, while also offering "Aikido," a Japanese martial art and kindergarten summer sports. Aikido is designed to teach...
      • Sports & Recreation | MSS Jiading | from Jul 1 until Jul 19 2019
    • SUP Yoga Retreat

      Yoga retreat with stand-up paddle boards - BBQ dinner & bonfire - Picnic and healthy meals - Farm vegetable and fruit picking. 1,880rmb in shared room or 2,380rmb in single room.
      • Sports & Recreation, Travel | IAPM | on Sat Jul 20 2019
    • iStage Musical Theatre Camp 2019

      iStage Academy is offering a series of one-week Musical Theatre camps that involves singing, dancing and acting. The week will be rounded off by a performance. Applicants aged 5-8 are welcome between June 17-23 for a chance to perform in...
      • Arts, Community, Sports & Recreation | 1088 Plaza | Daily until Jul 23 2019
    • PowerWalk Speed Club

      POWERWALK Speed is walking at fast pace. SPEED CLUB is a training program. The pace and the distance are decided every session, average is 9':30" per km. Duration may vary depending on the program, 12 slots available. This format is...
      • Sports & Recreation | Cafe Paulus | Tuesdays until Jul 23 2019
    • SportsWorld Summer Camp 2019

      Sportsworld will be running camps for kids 4-6 and 7-10 who want a variety of sports and activities, including karate, tennis, swimming, basketball, LEGO (wait that's a sport?) and more. There will be week-long sessions in full-day...
      • Sports & Recreation | SportsWorld | from Jun 24 until Jul 26 2019
    • Yoga for Life

      Agora Space holds a regular Wednesday yoga class for 120rmb (50% off for Agora Space members) or 500rmb for five classes. Register by clicking on the link:
    • Little Kickers Shanghai Summer Camp 2019

      Little Kickers offers specially designed football classes for children aged 4-7 years old, combining games, creative classes and sports activities. Taking place on the Shanghai Hongqiao International School campus, the four week program...
    • MultiSport Summer Camp 2019

      Multisport is hosting a camp at The British International School Puxi, with activities like gymnastics, dodgeball, dance, basketball, and more for kids 4-12 (split into 3 groups: 4-6, 7-8 and 9-12). Runs from 9.15am-3pm from July 1 to...
      • Sports & Recreation | BISS | from Jul 1 until Aug 9 2019
    • MultiSport Summer Camp 2019

      Multisport is hosting a camp at The British International School Puxi, with activities like swimming, gymnastics, soccer, trampoline, tumble track, dance, dodge ball, basketball, fitness ABC, obstacle course, athletics, team and tag...
      • Sports & Recreation | BISS | from Jul 1 until Aug 9 2019
    • Worldstrides Global Camps

      For the past three years the Wellington College campus has hosted a Summer Camp operated through Ivy League Summer Camps, now known as Worldstrides Global camps, using the Wellington College International Shanghai facilities. For Summer...
    • Krav Maga + Yoga

      Part 1: Krav-Maga, a unique self-defense technique designed by the Israeli army to manage risks. Part 2: Gentle stretch, pranayama and meditation. This session will teach you practical ways to defend yourself in street attacks. 200rmb.
    • 2019 Freesoul Summer Camp

      Freesoul brings kids an eight-week summer camp with themed weekly activities for kids including drama, art, water, and sports.
    • Shanghai City Ballet Kids Summer Camp 2019

      From June to August, Shanghai City Ballet are offering week long courses of ballet, jazz and hip-hop dance camps with a performance at the end. A week of half-days costs 1,800rmb, full days is 3,600rmb. Children aged between 3 and 12 can...
    • Salsa Night

      Show up and burn the dance floor with your salsa moves. Get your Latin steps right while seep refreshing drinks and eating chips and salsa. No partner needed, no experience required - just follow the crowd and have fun with the music....
    • Royal Dutch Riding Summer Camp

      Royal Dutch Riding Summer Camp is organizing 11 four/five day summer camps, dedicated to equestrianism. They do two M&RB riding courses and a lecture on riding safety and the basic concepts of equestrianism per day, and a final...
    • 幸运28投注IconX Summer Skateboard Camp 2019

      Based at the West Bund indoor skatepark, Iconx are hosting several three-day summer camps helping kids aged 6-15 years old learn how to skate like a pro, with a side of character development, health and nutrition. A three-day course...
    • Yoga in the Park

      Weekly Yoga Brunch designed for all levels. 88rmb for the yoga, and 15% off brunch.
    • Shanghai Color Run (TBC)

      Run 5k in a white t-shirt and then get doused in colored powder, in this rainbow of an event. Super popular way to get people out and running.
    • Rooster Run Thursdays

      The Rooster organizes a 5-km fun run through Jing'an every Thursday, starting at 7.30pm. Everyone who finishes gets a free pint of Vedett White.
      • Community, Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | The Rooster | Thursdays until Sep 12 2019
    • World Snooker Shanghai Masters 2019

      You can almost hear the crack of balls going into pockets! The Shanghai Masters Snooker Championship is coming soon, bringing the finest the discipline has to offer. It's an all-star roster of 25 players, including none other than...
    • Rolex Tennis Masters

      Shanghai's biggest tennis event returns. The annual Shanghai Masters is a pro knockout tournament played on hard outdoor courts down in Minhang. Part of the ATP World Tour Masters, the tournament sees the world's greatest players...
    • 幸运28投注Shanghai Marathon (TBC)

      42km around Shanghai's roads in late fall — the Shanghai Marathon. The spots are capped by a quota system (usually 8,000 people for the main race), so early registration is a good idea if you want to get out there and test your endurance.
    • Daily Happy Hour

      Every day, down at Bund Bowl. 3pm to 7pm, they're kicking out a buy-one-get-one-free special on selected beer.
      • Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Daily until Nov 29 2019
    • 幸运28投注Daily Drink Special

      Bund Bowl hosts a drinks special with 100rmb for three drinks (highball or selected beer) from 1pm to close.
      • Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Daily until Nov 30 2019
    • Yoga

      On-going yoga classes every Thursday of the week at Sugarmat's downtown yoga studio. Join the class and get 10% off Sugarmat merchandise. 120rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Sugarmat | Thursdays
    • Unlimited Bowling

      Bund Bowl offers an all-you-can-play deal from 9pm to midnight every Monday and Tuesday, including bowling (shoe rental included), billiards & darts. 120rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Every Mon, Tue until Dec 31


    • Yoga Getaway

      A yoga getaway to help with relaxing, balancing, and restoring your spirits just before you head off for summer vacation. They will be staying at a secluded resort hidden in Anji Mountains far from the city's noise pollution where they...
      • Sports & Recreation, Travel | SmSh Territory | on Fri Jun 21 2019
      • 2019-06-21 Finished
    • A(F)RO YOGA

      Afro Dance + Yoga Balance. Learn different types of African dance. Build self-confidence, energy and endurance. Designed for all levels! Bring your own mat. 200rmb. Location info on the flyer.
      • Sports & Recreation | SmSh Territory | on Sun Jun 16 2019
      • 2019-06-16 Finished
    • Farmers Run

      RunnersHai trips out to the countryside of Chongming Island to run in the blooming farmlands. 240rmb all in, including return transport, a light breakfast, a 15k race, farmers lunch and a shirt. 220rmb pre-sale until June 2.
      • Sports & Recreation, Travel | SmSh Territory | on Sat Jun 15 2019
      • 2019-06-15 Finished
    • Capoeira n' Yoga

      Panther and Capoeira Mandinga partner to design and host a very unique experience in Shanghai, mixing both disciplines. Students will benefit from both teachers and find a balance between fun, energy, mind and body. Scan code on flyer...
      • Sports & Recreation | SmSh Territory | on Sat Jun 15 2019
      • 2019-06-15 Finished
    • Dancewithin

      DANCEWITHIN is a barefoot fitness program that empowers & strengthens both the mind and body. This program combines fitness moves with powerful music and movement, creating a balance between intensity and fun. 180rmb including a...
      • Dining, Sports & Recreation | Greyhound (IAPM) | on Sat Jun 8 2019
      • 2019-06-08 Finished
    • 幸运28投注Plogging in Moganshan

      Plogging is a combination of jogging and picking up litter in Swedish. For World Environment Day, this group is heading to Moganshan to do just that. 188rmb per person including a bus from Hangzhou East Railway Station. Scan QR code in...
      • Community, Sports & Recreation, Travel | SmSh Territory | on Sat Jun 8 2019
      • 2019-06-08 Finished
    • Brawl On The Bund

      Brawl On The Bund returns to Shanghai for a good old yuppie punch-up. Guests can expect black tie dinner with at least eight white collar fights on the night followed by an after party at Bar Rouge. Tables are 20,000rmb for 10 seats.
      • Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Hyatt | on Fri Jun 7 2019
      • 2019-06-07 Finished
    • Yoga for Life x Sugarmat Community Yoga Session

      Be prepared to challenge your core, arms, and legs throughout this session with Mandy, focused on backbends. 120rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Sugarmat | on Thu Jun 6 2019
      • 2019-06-06 Finished
    • F45 Playoff

      Fitness competition at F45. Flex your stuff and test your fitness level to win prizes, including a catered river cruise. 50rmb for non-members, scan QR code to register.
    • XGames China 2019

      X Games, the world's ultimate festival dedicated to _raaaaadical_ sports and sick big airs, has been running for over 25 years. On June 1 and 2, ESPN will be teaming up with China's extreme sports platform Renextop to officially...
    • Krav Maga + Yoga

      Learn how to react in street attacks! But also like... chill. 4-5pm Krav Maga, 5-6pm Yoga[. 200rmb per person, including a tea break.
      • Community, Sports & Recreation | Aboro Academy | on Sun Jun 2 2019
      • 2019-06-02 Finished
    • Yoga Therapy

      Lanehub invites you to the official launch of Moors Yoga Mats. A one-hour Yoga Therapy to release stress.
    • Green Yoga Brunch

      Start the Sunday with a 1-hour Flow Yoga in Xiangyang Park. Straight after Yoga, Moka Bros welcomes you for a Veggie Brunch! Greek Quinoa Bowl? Green Mango Salad? Kale & Spinach Sandwich? Choose your favorite veggie brunch and add any...
    • Shanghai Lacrosse

      Shanghai Lacrosse's spring season starts Saturday, March 2nd and runs weekly to June 1st every Saturday. Women's Game starts at 11am. Men's Game starts at 12:30pm. Details below. Free for first time players. 150rmb to sign up for the...
      • Sports & Recreation | Jiangwan Stadium | Daily until Jun 1 2019
      • 2019-03-02 Finished
    • UEFA Final LIVE

      The match will be held on Saturday 1st June, but kick off is at 3.00am China time Sunday morning. This is the tenth successive season that the final has taken place on the weekend. Small mercies. 120rmb entry gets you 2 drinks. VIP table...
      • Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | The Blind Pig | on Sat Jun 1 2019
      • 2019-06-01 Finished
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