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Inferno (United Valley)
    • ADDRESS:
      United Valley Jing'An,
      462 Changle Lu,
      near Shaanxi Nan Lu
      长乐路462号, 近陕西南路
    • PHONE:
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from South Shaanxi Rd
    • HOURS:
      Tue-Sat, 8pm-2am
    • CARDS:
      WeChat, Alipay
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Infamous! Butcher! Angel of death! Monarch to the kingdom of the deeaeeeaad! Inferno, Shanghai's only dedicated metal bar, is in its third incarnation as a pub in United Valley。 It's just a pub that plays metal。 Two rooms, a bar in one and more lounge seating in the other, with space for 30 people or so。 It's no longer a live venue。 You go to drink, hang out and listen to some heavy, heavy metal。 Like a Cheers for Lamb of God fans。 The community that's built up over the years is already firmly entrenched, and the mirror has survived the trip。 Prices swing towards 25rmb Asahi pints, 30rmb mixes, some bottled beer for 25-50rmb range。 Inferno III: Sishen Jason Lives!
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    • Inferno SiNema

      Inferno presents weekly movies from all genres. From 80s action movies, to compelling documentaries, to cheesy horror movies,to anything with Nicolas Cage, they've got it all. Scan the QR for weekly updates. Free.
    • Harmony Korine: The Beach Bum

      INFERNO's back on the Harmony Korine Sessions with his recent stoner flick, The Beach Bum. Moondog McConaughey is a local celebrity writer burnout faced with the daunting notion of being past his prime despite still having a decent beach...
    • Succubus Night (Ladies Night)

      The sweet succubus, the darkess of creatures that has slain many a man. How metal thou are! INFERNO has revived the ritual of pleasing the succubi, by every Thursday offering them the blood of Dionysus, in a sacred 2 for 1 covenant....


    • Friday The 13th Double Album Release

      This Friday the 13th INFERNO's cranking it up to 13, with two new albums from nu metal legends Korn, and Mongolian metal monsters The Hu. Tequila shots will be 13rmb all night, guaranteeing a violent hangover that will last until the...
    • 6th Air Guitar Championship

      You might not have the natural ability or dedication of a Guitar God, but if you do love rock 'n' roll and lack shame in equally copious amounts, we have a night for you: INFERNO's Annual Air Guitar Championship! Put together a simple...
    • Tech Death Night

      Technical Death Metal, or Tech Death for the laymen, because let's be real, you're gonna need to save what pathetic amount of processing power your mortal jello mold of a brain has, to handle the shit that's coming your way. Get ready to...
    • Tool Album Release

      "It's been 13 long ass years, but the shamans of modern music, TOOL, have finally returned to guide us into the astral plane! So you better believe Inferno is going to be blasting the shit out of that album in an orgy of tool fans. This...
    • Ghost In The Shell

      In this universe, humans and robots have merged, with many humans equipped with superior artificial body parts, and even augmented brains In the form of a cyberpunk ship of Theseus, it exams at what point does a human cease to be human,...
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