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[Movie Night]: Five Film Screenings This Week, With More To Come
By Jul 16, 2019 Community


Seems like the movie nights have begun in earnest. Lots of screenings this week. Especially tonight! The Pearl is showing 幸运28投注The Hateful Eight as part of its film screening series, while Inferno continues its regular movie night with Mr. Lonely. Later this week, we've got a documentary about over-population screened by Green Initiatives, Farewell My Concubine over at The Pottery Workshop, and the start of Glam's Summer Movie Nights. They're showing The Great Gatsby, old boy.


on Tue Jul 16 2019

The Hateful Eight

The Pearl - 471 Zhapu Lu, near Wujin Lu

The Pearl is screening Tarantino's eighth film, the Old West locked-room murder-mystery. Emphasis on the "murder." Lot o' murdering. That's ol' QT for you! "Who's the snitch and how graphically does he die?" I digress! Hateful Eight! The Pearl is showing blood, guts and violence on their big screen. Doors open at 6pm, screening starts at 7.30pm. Free entry and free popcorn. Next week is Hero.

on Tue Jul 16 2019

幸运28投注Harmony Korine: Mr. Lonely

Inferno (United Valley) - United Valley Jing'An, 462 Changle Lu, ne...

As part of their ongoing Tuesday night 幸运28投注SiNema Movie Nights series, Satan's Living Room brings you one of director Harmony Korine's more bizarre movies. Considering it's the director of “Kids” and “Gummo”, that says a lot. “Mr. Lonely" is the story of a Michael Jackson impersonator who meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, then goes to live in a castle in Scotland with impersonators of Abraham Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin, The Pope, The Three Stooges, and more. It's like Bill and Ted, except if all the bodacious air guitar solos were replaced with dissociative fits. Starts 8.30pm. Free.

on Thu Jul 18 2019

Population Boom: Green Drinks July Film Screening

New Haworth Space - Kerry Centre Jing'an, 32/F, Tower 1, 1515 ...

As of August 1 last year, humans have used up more of Earth's resources than it can regenerate within one year, according to the Global Footprint Network. There are limits to the life-sustaining resources earth can provide us. This July, Green Initiatives is discussing overpopulation. Does it even exist? Is it a myth, intended to cover a larger and far more important problem? Could the way we treat each other be more important than the amount of people in the world? Boy, these seem like pretty leading questions. The award-winning documentary Population Boom starts with this as the basis for a debate, and becomes a cinematic journey between myth, facts and politics.. 50rmb or 70rmb on the door.

on Sun Jul 21 2019

The Great Gatsby

Glam - Five on the Bund, 7/F, 20 Guangdong Lu, ne...

Glam's Summer Movie Nights kicks off with a screening of the glammest, Bundiest film in recent times, Great Gatsby. Keeping it classy and literary up there above the promenade. Extended happy hour during the movie.

on Sun Jul 21 2019

幸运28投注Farewell My Concubine

The Pottery Workshop - Bldg 1, Lane 180 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Cha...

Widely considered contemporary China's best film, Farewell My Concubine is the beautifully wrought story of two male stars in a Beijing opera troupe and the woman who comes between them. What give the film its edge is its exploration of the effect of China’s mid-century turmoil on the lives of people. Directed by renowned 5th-generation director Chen Kaige and starring legends Leslie Cheung, Gong Li, and Zhang Fengyi, the film won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival along with a host of international awards. The Pottery Workshop is screening this as part of its weekly movie series. There's a Happy Hour with 50rmb Peddlers Gin cocktails beforehand.


That's just for this week. If you'd like to check out more upcoming silver screenings, we've got an entire page dedicated to Movie Nights.


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